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The selected applicants will serve as the CCN founding miners that help govern the network, as well as the block generation. In the future, miners would be randomly selected to govern the network in each epoch and earn CCN tokens as a reward. The chances of getting selected are proportional to the metapower that miners are contributing to the network.

Application timeline

CCN will start to accept mining applications through the official website on 10pm, Sept. 27th 2021 ET.
The application channel is valid from 10pm 09/27/21 ET to 10pm 10/11/21 ET. All applications will be thoroughly reviewed and the notification with detailed instructions for hosting your mining machine will be sent to applicants by 10/15/21 via registered email. A summary of applications and review results will be released to the public afterward.

Hardware requirements

At least one of the mining rigs should satisfy the minimum requirement of hardware configuration to install and run our MCP full node: 1. Intel i7 8-Core Processor; 2. 64GB DDR4 memory; 3. 500G SSD Hard disk; 4 100Mbps uplink/downlink Internet connections.

Mining obligations

The founding miners need to cooperate with the project team in network function testing and upgrades, debugging, and other tasks.
As the founding miners are responsible for running the testnet to serve the Ale wallet and other CCN applications, all miners need to stake CCN tokens (“collateral”) to mine to ensure the stability of the miner's metapower supply. Since the founding miners do not have CCN to stake, miners can stake USDT instead. The initial collateral for founding miners is much less than that for miners in the future. In the future, the estimated collateral can be calculated in proportion to the provided metapower. The initial collateral in terms of the equivalent value of CCN tokens will be returned in full at the end of its lifespan of 6 months, according to the price of CCN tokens in the secondary market on that day.

Mining rewards

Founding miners will receive an NFT (metaverse mining pass) as a souvenir, which could be very valuable as an identification proof as a founding miner of the CCN project. The NFT is designed by internationally recognized artists. In the future, miners need to participate in an auction (link) on an NFT metaverse mining pass to mine.
Till 01/13/22 (tentative), up to 15 million total CCN tokens will be distributed to miners in proportion to the miner’s contribution of metapower. The total number of CCN tokens will be determined based on the total metapower of the network.
Miners will earn CCN rewards in proportion to their metapower contribution. 5% of CCN rewards earned by miners will vest linearly (every hour) over 180 days while 25% are made immediately available to improve miner cash flow and profitability.

Mining Collaterals

Please see here for detailed information.

Please note

The testnet tokens have no value. All testnet tokens will be matched to mainnet CCN tokens at a certain rate when the mainnet launches.
If there is an abnormal network operation due to fraud or disconnection on purpose, or the miners breach the promise to cooperate with the project team, the collateral will be taken away.
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